Are you making these 5 mistakes?

The name of the game is customer care. More than educating your clients as course creators and membership hosts you want to nurture your client relationships. Connecting with your clients on a personal level means you are more likely to understand their problems and how to resolve them; giving them a sense of security. When it comes to membership sites security leads to longevity... customer retention, and most important client Satisfaction. 


Here are some sure-fire ways to break that trust and lose those clients before the relationship even begins. 

No Onboarding Process

This is your first opportunity to connect with your client and build a relationship. The Onboarding process is a conversation between you and your new clients. A good onboarding process will introduce them to you, your business, and point them in the right direction to get the most out of your products and services. 

No Clear Strategy

You are no doubt an expert in your field. As an expert, you have a wealth of knowledge and you want to get that knowledge into your client's hands. Here's the thing though without a clear strategy the information is just that a hodgepodge of information. Think of your strategy as your guide map. A clear strategy will guide you and your clients through the content while reducing confusion and overwhelm. 

Confusing Navigation

Your client is excited to work with you, they see you are a wealth of knowledge and the exact resource they need, and now they are headed in to learn from you, problem! They don't know where to find anything. Your navigation is confusing, overwhelming, and makes no sense. Unless you have a client adamant to figure it out confusing navigation menus will drive your client away. 

Sacrificing Quality for Quantity

It's a common belief that the more content the more value. It's a Myth. Ever heard the sentiment less is more? It's true! Quality content that is current and well constructed is far more valuable than mass quantities of content that is confusing and unhelpful. 

Not giving enough of you.

Your clients came to work with you! They want to engage and interact with you. A membership site is meant to help scale your business, but not remove you from it. So pop in there, engage on threads, share videos, or host community calls. Let your clients see you and know that you are here to support them. 

Mistakes will happen! Knowing some common errors, and keeping your client in mind at every stage will help you build trust and make your clients feel like 1 of the family. 


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